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Health Insurance:

Strategic Formulary Design in Medicare Part D Plans
  (with Kosali Simon)
  Media Coverage: NY Times
  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol. 10, No. 3, (Aug. 2018)

Does Part D Abet Advantageous Selection in Medicare Advantage?
  (with Tony Han)
  Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 56, (Dec. 2017), pp. 368-382.

Taxpayer Willingness-to-Pay for Health Insurance Reform: A Contingent Valuation Analysis
  (with Kosali Simon and William D. White )
   Economic Inquiry, Vol. 52, No. 3 (July 2014), pp. 994-1013.

Insurer Innovation and Health Care Efficiency: Evidence from Utah [Slides]
  (with Ben Handel, Jon Holmes, and Jon Kolstad)

Health Persistence and the Ex Ante Value of Medicaid as a Safety Net [Slides]
  (with Amanda Kowalski)

How Do Low-Income Enrollees in the Affordable Care Act Exchanges Respond to Cost-Sharing?
  (with Tom DeLeire and Nicolas Ziebarth)

The Dynamic Efficiency of Changes in Medicaid Generosity
  (with Nicolas Ziebarth)

Taxpayer Subsidized Health Insurance and Crowding-In and Out of Coverage on the ACA Exchanges
  (with Nicolas Ziebarth)

Compensating Wage Differentials:

Estimating Compensating Wage Differentials with Endogenous Job Mobility [Paper]
  (with Ian Schmutte)
  Presentation Slides
  Under Review

The Estimation of Compensating Wage Differentials: Lessons from the Deadliest Catch
  Forthcoming at the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Gender Differences in Sorting on Occupational Safety and Establishment Pay
  (with Ian Schmutte)
  Under Review

Physician Labor Markets and Organizations:

Physician Practice Organization and Negotiated Prices: Evidence from State Law Changes
  (with Naomi Hausman)
  Revise & Resubmit at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

The Impacts of Restricting Mobility of Skilled Service Workers: Evidence from Physicians
  (with Carol Simon and William D. White)
  Accepted at the Journal of Human Resources

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