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Kurt Lavetti

Working Papers:

Physician Concentration and Negotiated Prices: Evidence from State Law Changes
(with Naomi Hausman)
Under Review

Strategic Formulary Design in Medicare Part D Plans
(with Kosali Simon)
Revise and Resubmit at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

The Estimation of Compensating Wage Differentials: Lessons from the Deadliest Catch
Under Review

Estimating Compensating Wage Differentials with Endogenous Job Mobility
(with Ian Schmutte)
Under Review

Buying Loyalty: Theory and Evidence from Physicians
(with Carol Simon and William D. White)
Under Review


Taxpayer Willingness-to-Pay for Health Insurance Reform: A Contingent Valuation Analysis (with Kosali Simon and William D. White) Economic Inquiry 2014

Contact Information

Kurt Lavetti
Ohio State University
Department of Economics
Arps Hall 433
Columbus, OH 43210